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Kinetic Typography

Motion-Graphics, Animation, Motion-Design


The objective for this project was to take a popular song and generate an entertaining kinetic typography piece using the tools supplied in Adobe After Effects.


Planning what you want animations to look like ahead of time is crucial for a project like this. Null objects and the in-program camera were used in order to get certain animation results, such as flying through certain letters and seeing clouds fly by as the character spins out of control towards the heavens.


“A Thousand Miles” is a comedic motion-graphic portrayal of the 2002 hit song by Vanessa Carlton. With a nod to her official music video, and literal depictions of certain lyrics, this video is guaranteed to amuse those who stumble upon it.

casey kowalchuk


Casey Kowalchuk is an award winning filmmaker and editor from Abbotsford, BC. Specializing in music centered content, Casey makes the unique qualities of every artist shine through on each film he produces.

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©Casey Kowalchuk, 2019. All rights reserved.