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Short Documentary

Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist, Audio


The objective of this project is to promote the release of Teen Daze’s album “Themes for Dying Earth,” by telling the story of the production process in a visually pleasing way.


With the crew consisting of only Jamison Isaak (of Teen Daze) and myself, I was able to have plenty of creative freedom for the production of this mini-documentary. I first interviewed him to get a full grasp on the content, then organized all that info into a storyline. We then planned out all the scenes we needed to capture in order to help tell the story.


"Themes for Dying Earth" is a journey through Jamison's experience on tour supporting his 2015 record "Morning World", and how he dealt with his high stress and exhaustion induced anxiety. Other themes include how his upcoming record was birthed from this experience, the inspiration that the Fraser Valley brings, and the dangers of global warming. The film combines glimpses of the actual production process, along with an intriguing narrative subplot that weaves the piece together.

casey kowalchuk


Casey Kowalchuk is an award winning filmmaker and editor from Abbotsford, BC. Specializing in music centered content, Casey makes the unique qualities of every artist shine through on each film he produces.

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©Casey Kowalchuk, 2019. All rights reserved.