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Event Highlight Films

Cinematographer, Editor


The objective for this project was to generate short videos throughout the 4 week long Abbotsford arts & music festival, Jam In Jubilee, in efforts of helping market the event online.


My monopod setup allowed me to have very steady shots while also being versatile and mobile, which was perfect for a live festival setup such as this. I constantly circled the area, keeping an eye out for anything interesting to capture. Then, I gathered the best shots of the night, took one of the songs performed at the event, and edited to that track.


This Jam In Jubilee short highlight video series captures the vibe of a local Summer music festival. Featuring local faces, businesses and bands, these videos will bring back memories for some, and compel others to participate in this event for years to come.

Watch all 3 films here.

casey kowalchuk


Casey Kowalchuk is an award winning filmmaker and editor from Abbotsford, BC. Specializing in music centered content, Casey makes the unique qualities of every artist shine through on each film he produces.

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©Casey Kowalchuk, 2019. All rights reserved.