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Live Music Video

Cinematographer, Editor


The objective for this project was to generate online content for the band “Comfort” by capturing their live performance without any other hired help, due to lack of budget.


By placing a camera at the back of the venue, I was able to get full coverage of their performance so I could focus on capturing detailed shots with a second camera. With the combination of those two feeds of video, plus B-Roll captured throughout the night, I was able to put together an engaging piece.


The darker visual style of the live performance video for “Flicker” by Comfort captures the underground post-rock music scene in Vancouver.

casey kowalchuk


Casey Kowalchuk is an award winning filmmaker and editor from Abbotsford, BC. Specializing in music centered content, Casey makes the unique qualities of every artist shine through on each film he produces.

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©Casey Kowalchuk, 2019. All rights reserved.