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Music Video

Writer, Producer, Editor, VFX


The objective for this project was to use the funding provided by FACTOR Canada to effectively promote Teen Daze’s song “First Rain” through a beautiful music video.


I conceptualized a plot of the video by studying the song and the inspiration behind it, then formed it into a love story. I hired Kaayla Whachell and Craig Range of Nakasone Folk, to work alongside me and handle directing and shooting so I could focus on the logistics of producing, supervising the shoot and answering any questions regarding the story and the visual effects.


When a young woman takes a risk in falling for a mysterious stranger, the natural world falls victim to the forces of the supernatural.

This calming, yet intense music video places the viewer in a lush forest as they watch love bloom and be torn apart. Its sci-fi nature and symbolism does not hand everything to the viewer, leading them to think deeper and draw their own conclusions.

casey kowalchuk


Casey Kowalchuk is an award winning filmmaker and editor from Abbotsford, BC. Specializing in music centered content, Casey makes the unique qualities of every artist shine through on each film he produces.

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©Casey Kowalchuk, 2019. All rights reserved.